(Left Over Drop) Funk O Naught Pins

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🪞“Funk O Naught”🪞
Once upon a time, in a distant galaxy, there lived a peculiar astro-naught named Funk O'Naught. He was known for his love of all things strange and unusual, and he spent his days exploring the cosmos, searching for the weirdest planets and creatures he could find.
One day, while on a mission to a distant planet, Funk O'Naught stumbled upon a patch of glowing, pulsating cheese. He had never seen anything like it before, and he couldn't resist taking a bite.
As soon as the cheese touched his tongue, Funk O'Naught felt a strange, electrifying sensation coursing through his body. He felt like his entire being was being sucked into a vortex of psychedelic colors and sounds.
The cheese had turned him into a weird, twisted version of himself, and he started to see things he had never seen before. Planets turned into giant, breathing creatures, and stars whispered secrets to him in strange, alien tongues. Now he’s back to warn you guys why you should never eat cheese.
1. LE 45 | Astro Funk (Epoxy | Glow | Ano)
2. LE 30| Slyzzzerp ( Glow$
3. LE 25 | Ice Cream (Epoxy | Glow | Glitter Ano
4. LE 35| Storm stripper (Glow)
5. LE 15 | Solar Flair (Ano | Epoxy | Glow | Glitter

Customer Reviews

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Definitely the Funk

Always great attention to detail and quality. Pops colors in regular and black light

Ryan Hartley

Funk O Naught Pins

Christina Williams
As always awesomeness

This is my 6th set of pins by Sketchy and as always I'm never disappointed... I love them ❣️❣️

Kelly Kleczek

Sketchy never fails!!!! Absolutely awesome!