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"Man In The Moon" Pins

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"Get ready to take a trip to the moon with our one-of-a-kind psychedelic moon enamel pin and experience the magic of the cosmos This 4" pin showcases vibrant, otherworldly artwork of a moon surrounded by a swirling cloud of colors and cosmic elements. But that's not all - this pin also glows under UV light and shimmers with glitter, adding a touch of magic to this truly one-of-a-kind piece. Whether you're a fan of cosmic art, enamel pins, or just appreciate the beauty of the universe, this pin is sure to capture your attention and become a treasured addition to your collection. Don't miss out on the chance to own your own piece of the cosmos - grab your psychedelic moon enamel pin now before it's gone!"

“Man In The Moon"


  • - 4” Inches ( feels massive in hand)
  • - Killer Backstamp Stamp
  • - Crazy UV/Glow
  1. LE 45 | OG (UV+Glow)
  2. LE 35 | Glow-Chronic (UV+Glow)
  3. LE 30 | Dimitri Epoxy,Glitter,UV+Glow)
  4. LE 25 | Dark Side Of The Moon (Epoxy,Glitter,UV+Glow)
  5. LE 15 | Candy Crater

Customer Reviews

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Christian Wyman
Man in the Moon Blind Bag Pin

Such an amazing pin!! This is my first Sketchy Eddie pin and it is nothing short of stunnng, the UV and Glow of this Variant is one of my favorites! Now time for more .

Eugene palermo

Love these Moons, Soo much detail and go perfect with the Sunshines!

Daniel Espinoza
Man In The Moon.

F-🧀 Awesome Pins! Wish I would have purchased some Friday the 13th pins. Super cool!

Insanely awesome!

These pins are huge, beautiful, and 1000% awesome!!!