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“Face Melts" Mini Pins

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Mini Melts Pin Series

Do to manufacture Issues I wasn't able to do a full release. There were more variants that didn't make it. I decided to ahead and release what little bit I had to keep things moving and because a lot of you have been waiting. That   being said there will not be matching number sets. 

"Face Melts"

1.75" Double Posted

"Chromesthesia" LE 30 | Glow | Epoxy | Rainbow Glitter

"Head Space" LE 40 | UV | Glow | Epoxy 

"The Void" LE 60 | Glow | Epoxy | Glitter


Customer Reviews

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Kristina Tull
Awesome pins

These are great quality mini pins! Great detail and glow!

Rj Havlock
Mini pins

Love it, wish I got a set. Love them because you can fill in the small areas on ur bored.

Colby Beasley
Amazing detail and color!!!

Love hoe the glow pips with the colors after the light are off. So amazing and happy I got one

Face melts are the bees knees!

These mini pins are super cool! They are small but have a lot of detail and love in em. And the glow is really nice! 🥰

Frank Baggetta
These pins weren’t the only thing melty

Glad I had an OG cum rag