Sketchy Golden Ticket I

Regular price $1,500.00

The Ultimate Sketch-Ball Holy Grail!

For the hardcore sketch-ball!

Limited Edition 1/1



This listing will come with a digital download that includes a serial number .

Please email me at with your order number to get set up.


Expires on black friday next year!

This Golden Ticket Ensures

- 1 Year access to VIP Early Access

- 1 Year 15 % discount on all orders

- 1 Auction Token (Destroy any auction and claim the item for free) Simply flash this token before the the auction ends to secure the prize) only for auctions hosted by Sketchy Eddie .

-Redeem for 2 full pin sets from future drops , and 3 AP posters on future drops. (You may also check for availability on previous AP posters  and pins but not guaranteed to be available). Works like a drop token but it will be an AP and zero cost .

What good is a sketchy golden ticket without some sketchy  mystery prizes?

The owner will have get random mystery packages mailed out quarterly !

1st Package - January 

2nd Package -April

3rd Package- August 

4th Package-December 


 Expires on black friday next year!