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"Ooga Booga" Blind Bag

Regular price $28.00

As part of the iconic Nostalgic Nightmares series, the Ooga Booga pins are sure to add nostalgic, trippy, and colorful vibes to your collection! These pins make for the perfect accessory or collector's item.

  • Blind Bag
  • 3 inches
  • Soft Enamel

(Pictured L-R)

  • LE 50
  • No Epoxy
"Gold Rush"
  • LE 15
  • Ooga Booga set exclusive
  • Gold metal
"Candy Nightmare"
  • LE 25
  • Glitter and Epoxy
"Boogieman Glow"
  • LE 25
  • UV Glow and Epoxy