"Oh Noooo" 420 | Kool-Aid Pins

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"Ohh NOO!"

This time around we are adding an exciting and unique twist to our 4/20 themed product drop. Each item is a Kool-Aid flavor variant with a special added feature. You can discover each variant simply by looking at the labels. Every item is designed and named to represent the color variant, and we will not provide any hints until you open the package! If this post gets 200 comments, we will reveal another variant!

I'm pumped for y'all to check these out! Easily the most entertaining pin drop yet. Plus, I'm throwing in some "Man In The Moon" mats at random - how cool is that?

Pin Variants
Electric Kool Aid ( LE ???)
Chronic Clown Juice ( LE ???)
Galactic Grape ( LE ???)
Dank N Doughnuts (LE ???)
Cosmic Brownie (LE ???)
Pin Details ( These does not correspond with list above)
A) LE 20 - Ano, Glitter, Epoxy, Glow
B) LE 60 - Ano, Glitter Epoxy, Glow
C) LE 45- Glow
D) LE 45- Glitter , Epoxy
E) LE 40 Glitter, Epoxy, Rainbow Glitter

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Dylan Mendenall

"Oh Noooo" 420 | Kool-Aid Pins

Joshua Waybright
Fucken awesome

These are amazing in all ways. Love that they are full glow!


Love this Kool-Aid pin and all the different colors can't wait to see which variant I get happy 420😊🔥♥️