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“Mew Chew” Limited Edition Pokémon Print

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"Mew Chew" is the second and newest edition in the "Gotta Sketch Em All" series, where I put a dark and trippy twist on your favorite Pokémon! This piece and series makes for the perfect combination of nostalgia and psychedelia for any 90s kid.

15/100 "Mew Chew" prints will be a special holographic variant placed in random orders! 

  • Limited Edition of 100
  • 12 x 18 inches
  • 85 Standard Edition
  • 15 Holographic 
  • Signed by Sketchy Eddie

Customer Reviews

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Dwayne Bates
Crazy twist Anna Pokeman

They originality achieved while maintaining the nostalgia of Pokémon can’t be understated the more I look at this print the more I see and I’ve never Disappointed with the quality of paper