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"LateralÆnima" Blind Bag

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Spiral out with your very own LateralÆnima pins! These pins are very special for several reasons. This design is inspired by the band Tool, and its name is a mashup of two of their most famous albums: Lateralus and Ænima.

It also tips a hat to one of their most well known artists - Alex Grey. With its tribute to his well known Flaming Eye design and the heptagram symbol in the mind, these pins are sure to have every Tool fan spiraling out!

The puzzle piece in the brain is special because of the famous lyric "I know the pieces fit," but it is also symbolism for much more.
As some of you may know, a puzzle piece is the symbol sometime used to represent autism awareness. This touches close to home with me because my little sister is diagnosed with autism and I wanted to dedicate this design to her.


Pictured from top left to bottom right in first picture:
- Chocolate Chip Trip: LE 45 (Epoxy, black rainbow glitter, UV, glow)
- Midnight Mantra: LE 40 (Epoxy, rainbow glitter, UV, glow)
- Rosetta Stoned: LE 30 (NO Epoxy)
- Ions: LE 25 (Epoxy, glitter, copper)
- Reflection: LE 20 - Set exclusive (Epoxy, glitter)