ūüí¶Cereal Killers OG Print (Coloring Contest) {Left Over Drip)

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 Get ready to be terrified by  the Cereal Killers!

This piece will leave you feeling  both horrified, and satisfied at the same time.

This gruesome psychedelic tribute to your favorite childhood cereal characters  was inspired by  the old trix cereal commercials .  As a kid I used to get so angry  when the kids stole the cereal from the rabbit. Every time I heard " Silly Rabbit Trix Are For Kids" it drove me mad. Since then I was set on a path of  revenge to finally serve justice for the silly rabbit. 


But the rabbit isn't the only one seeking revenge - other popular mascots like Captain Crunch, the Cheerios bee, Franken Berry, and Lucky Charms make terrifying appearances throughout the print. Each hidden in a psychedelic horror reinterpretation that will leave you speechless. Prepared to get lost as you explore all the hidden details in the intricate madness. A must-have for any fan of childhood nostalgia and horror art.

 Coloring Contest!

This release is a part of a epic coloring contest in the official art group " The Art Of Sketchy Eddie"  Be sure to check us out for  details on how to win a big cash prize for the coloring contest!

These prints are high quality archival prints so they also make great collector pieces for those not into coloring !!

Official Print ( Pre-Order Available until Jan 13th)

  • 18x24 Inches
  • Gicl√©e Archival Print
  • LE 70

Mis-Print ( Only 30 available )

There were some minor flaws on these including a small gap in the line work on the bottom right side. This version is not for the faint of heart as its extremely details. Only for the hardcore coloring fanatics

  • 18x24
  • Giclee Archival Print





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      Andrew Lisk
      Insane amount of detail

      This thing is so over the top insane that it may become my favorite by the time I finish coloring it